Diane Downey BSc (Hons), MSc,

Member of the IEEE and British Computer Society (MBCS)

Skills/Knowledge Summary

Team Management of a web support and training team

Web Consultancy to a wide range of customers

Project Management of wide range of IT projects

Communication skills for wide range of web technologies

Relationship Management for internal and external customers and third party vendors

Work Experience

October 2001 to Present
IT Consultancy Services Carlsbad, CA

IT consultancy services to small businesses. Projects include: web site strategic review and update; electronic forms creation, production of marketing materials for both print and web, and business process consultancy. Volunteering at local elementary school providing support for classroom teacher. Creation of a community group to showcase the skills of local residents resulting in an exposition planned for April 2003 and a regular calendar of events to maximise the opportunity of networking.

May 1998 to October 2001

Intranet Consultant,
Pfizer Global Research & Development
Sandwich, UK and La Jolla, USA

Team Management of a technical support team providing a wide range of web services: stable and highly available Unix and NT based web servers, site monitoring and statistics, dynamic news service, LDAP based employee directory, HTML 3.2/4.0 standards checking, web site integrity checks, NT authentication based security, HTML publishing system and advanced Verity searching. Supervisory tasks included selection and recruitment, negotiation of remuneration, assistance and support of goal setting, evaluation of career progression, and where necessary disciplinary action. I also mentored junior IT staff outside of my direct reporting line.
Web site consultancy across the R&D business, and technical consultancy to web-based application projects. Quality reviews for new Intranet sites.

Communications specialist running a range of events to sell the benefits of the web and other aspects of IT to the business processes at Pfizer.

Managing Pfizers relationships with key vendors such as Netscape and Verity. Engaging key account managers, addressing support issues and negotiating contracts.

Specific achievements include:

  • Project managed design, development and launch of a new enterprise wide portal page with dynamic news and information services, information categorization and sophisticated search facility. This new page saw the number of accesses increase 50% as a result and identified my team as being a Center of Excellence in the intranet field within Pfizer.
    Worked with my global intranet colleagues to implement this same design in Pfizers major R&D sites to a very tight deadline and with a very limited budget.
  • Creation and management of a communications center for Y2K consisting of 15+ staff. The communications center provided a focal point for shut down and start up activities during the critical period over Y2K. It was used by senior management, technical staff and vendors, locally and globally, to monitor the progress of the restoration of a highly complex IT infrastructure. My highest achievement was to turn around the skeptical technical teams to being great advocates of the communications center for the future.
  • Project managed the successful distribution of a new version of the browser with centralized configuration management and a standard plug in pack to 3000+ clients in the UK and Europe. Dealing with a range of issues including the impact of the browser on validated business software, browser security, globalization, resource management, client and server MIME types, and Y2K.
  • Organized a major site wide communications event involving 20 web site owners with over 400 visitors to an all day program of seminars and demonstrations. Largest of its kind. Used unproven technology. Won a departmental Oscar for it.
  • Revision and update of Intranet Standards and Guidelines, addressing issues such as copyright law, web page usability, browser and plug in differences and technical limitations.

April 1993 to May 1998

Senior IT Training Advisor
Pfizer Central Research

Initially employed as an IT Trainer, I developed and expanded the role to Senior IT Training Advisor.

Managedseveral budget-sensitive training projects including software migrations in both the UK and Europe. This work also involved evaluating results and setting future direction.

Recruitment and supervision of IT Trainers, assistance and support in goal setting, carried out disciplinary action when necessary, and evaluated career progression.

Created, designed, developed and managed web-based training and training needs analysis, including the first IT Training Intranet site providing course outlines, course notes and an on-line booking request system. Between 1996-97 I introduced web browser and web author training to Pfizer R&D staff.

August 1991 to April 1993

Freelance Training Service,

Dd Computer Consultants

Entrepreneurial skills used in opening and owning my freelance training business, which involved the construction and delivery of computer courses to individuals and small groups.

January 1990 to August 1991

Technical Specialist,

Meduser Systems Ltd

Constructed and delivered training courses on Xenix and a bespoke Informix 4GL package, to medical professionals. My work involved system installation, system configuration, telephone technical support and post-sales support.

May 1988 to January 1990

Software Engineer,

Wilj International Ltd

Programmed embedded real time robotics systems for medical diagnostic equipment in assembler and C. I used a cross assembler to port code to run in a DOS environment.

September 1987 to May 1988:


Telefax Data Systems Ltd

Design and implementation of user interface for an automated trading system using Z80 assembly language, and In-Circuit Emulation debugging techniques.

September 1985 to August 1986:

Various temporary jobs including working in government departments.


1985 C.N.A.A. Bachelor of Science (Hons) II:2 in Psychology, Sociology, and Human Biology.

1986/1987 PostGraduate Diploma in Computer Science: programming languages included Pascal, C, and assembler. Other subjects: WANs and LANs, Distributed Computing, Compiling Techniques, Databases, and Software Engineering. 1990 converted to a Master of Science degree by thesis: "Experiences of Writing a Light Pen Interface Library".

1997 Full Membership of the British Computer Society /Institute of Electronic Engineers granted.

References available on request