Corey Lohman

Greg Kluthe Consulting

Senior Software Developer, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey                            2001-2002
Developed a highly-customized, extensible and configurable retail e-commerce platform for LVMH group companies based on ATG Dynamo 5.6 and Oracle interMedia. Streamlined development process through module use, distributed virtualized auto-configurations, standardized logging, and Perforce branch-based operations. Developed methods for Dynamo architectural analysis. Devised documentation standards & templates, the basis for departmental audits.
     DCS promotions: restructured Dynamo PricingEngine, Qualifier, ShoppingCart, & calculators according to Sephora business model, including custom promotion types & behaviors, scenario configuration, event-based context-sensitive error messaging, special discount exceptions, reporting, and integration with warehousing & inventory systems
     context-sensitive search: incorporated brand- and category-specific display & pricing rules in search results. Search combined configurable interMedia ConText operators and integrated with repository concurrency mechanisms for product availability. Designed search index generation components which extended bean access syntax to allow Collection sub-property navigation in DynamicBeans resolution.
     Perl-based reporting: debugged legacy Perl reports system & modified it to produce feeds for E.piphany

Architect, Encore Development                                                                          2000-2001
Designed, programmed & documented Interwoven/ATG Turbo 2.0 project, consisting of:
     TeamSite scripts, modules, workflows, & triggers which make XML HTTP requests
     Java service component that receives, serializes, & forwards requests
     EJB application in ATG Dynamo allowing full access to repository operations by TeamSite users through ATG repository API
     virtualization configuration GUI allowing instant QA of Dynamo content in TeamSite
     reverse-engineering application that creates Interwoven XML templates based on Dynamo repository descriptor formats
This architecture formed the basis for Interwoven’s Content Services platform.

Senior Architect, Xerago, LLC                                                                            1999-2000
Participated in pre-sales, proposal creation & preliminary design in many client projects. Led team researching feasibility of a reusable component framework composed of strategic partner applications. Implemented enterprise solutions for the following clients:
     ConfirmNet, Inc. – assisted in TeamSite administration & Dynamo virtualization. Created a Dynamo application to allow renewal & modification of insurance certificates based on finite state navigational components. – in the first Dynamo 5.0 commercial deployment, architected enterprise-wide development system allowing for collaboration, conflict resolution, and QA by non-technical users. Optimized deployment procedures, saving hours per deployment.
     Credit Suisse/First Boston – researched workflow needs of Apollo Group, created reusable workflow generation components, and mentored junior TeamSite implementer
     ChannelPoint, Inc. – conducted pre-sales discussions and directed preliminary architectural research on multi-partner product syndication & deployment system that led to procurement of a $50M contract. – investigated workflow needs, architected transactional multimedia deployment procedures, assisted in optimizing site structure, and mentored a junior TeamSite implementer
     Sempra Energy – created custom CGIs affecting dynamic task scoping, coordinated with custom workflow
     E*Trade, Inc. – in the first TeamSite 4.0 commercial installation, integrated TeamSite, NAS/Kiva, CVS, and ClearCase. Integrated international group deployment procedures with enterprise-wide process, created shell scripts for automated deployments, trained international group in remote development, and created workflows to coordinate geographically distributed development.

Independent IT Work                                                                                          1997-1999
Created a freeware steganography application in Java using wavelet, RC4, fractal and least-significant-bit encoding. Began implementation of a public utility site with Informix SE and AOLServer using ArsDigita’s ACS. Designed, built, & maintained various local sites (HTML & Perl CGI).

Programmer, Nisus Software, Inc.                                                                     1997-1999
Project manager & technical lead on MathHelp, interactive online math tutor. Combined JavaScript, JScript, ASP, Visual Basic, CGI (C++/assembly), HTML, Java, SQL, and Nisus's GIA search protocol in innovative ways. Designed & programmed full suite of Java interactive graphics foundation classes (native classes were inadequate for our dynamically generated graphics). Created UNIX utilities for DOS & a wide variety of CGIs. Designed database management system for test creation & storage and scorekeeping. Became familiar with STL, Fly, and OpenGL.

Independent Psychological Research                                                                 1996-1999
Conducted independent psychological research on dynamics of social interaction, psychophysics of vision, semantic space and cultural icons, contextual information processing interference, self-monitoring, self-presentation, and living systems analysis of group interactions; some published (see research section below).

Vice President, Alpha Phi Omega                                                                      1996-1997
Designed and implemented an entire year of programs and activities for a 45-member fraternity. Worked with faculty advisors and many community organizations, as well as solving disputes between members.

Laboratory Research Assistant, Anstis Lab (UCSD)                                         1995-1997
Vision processing research: designed & ran experiments, library research, and analyzed & processed results with SAS, SYSTAT, SuperAnova, JMP, and StatView. Became adept at factor analysis, multiple regression, correlations, ANOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, and family-wise error rate control. Efforts led in part to procurement of NHS grants.

Editor, Youngsuk Kim (Stiles Lab, UCSD)                                                               1996
Rigorously edited a professional paper for a researcher whose first language was Korean. Extensively researched children's development of spatial abilities and reached compliance with American Psychological Association standards.

Activist, Voter Revolt, Inc. (Alliance to Revitalize California)                                  1995
Petitioned, and managed crews of petitioners in the effort to put California Propositions 200, 201, & 202 (legal reform initiatives) on the ballot. Managed crews away from the home office for extended periods. These initiatives reached the ballot as a result of our 2.3-million-signature campaign, the largest in US history.

Skills & Abilities
Tools: Adobe Framemaker, Apache (Ant/httpd/Tomcat), Altova XMLSpy, ArsDigita ACS,
     AOLServer, ATG (all products), Auburn University jGRASP, bash, BEA WebLogic,
     Bivio,Borland JBuilder & OptimizeIT, csh, CVS, GD Pro, grep/regex,
     Honeywell DoME, IBM VisualAge, Intershop enfinity, iPlanet, Infotectonica Juliet,
     Interwoven (all), JAD, jBoss, JMP, JODE, jUnit, ksh, Mandrake Linux, MS Access,
     MSDev, MS Office, MySQL, NT, ObjectSpace JGL,
     Oracle (8i, interMedia, jDeveloper), PerForce, Platinum ERWin, PostgreSQL,
     Rational ClearCase, SAS/STAT, SOLID, StatView, SGI STL, Sun Forte,
     SuperAnova, Symantec VisualCafe, SYSTAT, Togethersoft Control Center,
     vi, Visio, Visual SlickEdit, Versata, Wolfram Mathematica, Xinox JCreator
Language/API/format: AspectJ, C++, DOM, EJB, HTML, J2EE, Java, javadoc, JavaScript,
     JScript, JSP, OpenGL, Perl, PHP, SAX, SQL, UML, VBScript, Visual Basic,
Standards/Protocols: GIATP, HTTP, Indian Hill 6.0, Microsoft, Rogue Wave, SMTP,
     Taligent, UDDI, Unicode
Patterns: GOF, PLOP1, POSA1, POSA2
Languages: fluent Spanish, conversational Japanese
Basic Laboratory Skills: chemistry, biology, psychology

Pursuing a BS in Honors Psychology at University of California, San Diego
Background of Bio-Engineering courses (previously Bio-Engineering major)
GPA: 3.32     Major GPA: 3.47

Self-Deprecating Humor and Attribution in Social Interaction Shrira & Lohman submitted to Journal of Social Psychology
Self-Deprecating Humor and Attribution Shrira submitted to Psychological Science
Persistence Stereoillusion Variation with Color Lohman submitted to Vision Research
Computerized Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory Lewak Online
Rape Prevention & Attitudes Davis, Hom, Lee, Lohman & Vora Unpublished
The Motion Aftereffect: A Review. Anstis Trends in Cognitive Science, 1998
Adaptation to Peripheral Flicker Anstis Vision Research, 1996
Aftereffects from Jogging Anstis Experimental Brain Research, 1995

Honors & Awards
National Merit Finalist Scholarship
University of California Regents Scholarship
Provost's Honors
3rd place in CWA Statewide Art Competition

Volunteer Work
Habitat for Humanity house construction
UNICEF local fundraising
Mama's Kitchen soup kitchen food preparation
Special Delivery food for victims of terminal illnesses
Women's and Children's Center organized parties & donations; daycare
Mission Trails Park trail clearing
I Love A Clean San Diego tree planting; graffiti cleanup
The Bridge activities for an adolescent halfway house
St. Vincent De Paul soup kitchen food preparation
San Diego Food Bank
donation drive
Magnolia Retirement Home activities for the elderly

Member of UCSD's NCAA cross country and track teams
Bujinkan Taijutsu: black belt
Club soccer, indoor & outdoor
Guitar Playing: Classical & blues
Weightlifting & local road races

References:                                                          (contact information available per request)
Director of Engineering
     Administrative & light technical supervisor
Principal Architect
     Former Senior Architect, peer
Project Manager
     Project supervisor
Technical Coordinator, Bioinformatics Core
     Former Director of Engineering, technical supervisor
Professor/Principal Investigator
     Research supervisor

Salary history, sample sources, documentation and design artifacts available on request.