Tony Warner                                                                                                



University of California, San Diego, California

B.A., Computer Science


technical summary

Web Development: Perl – CGI/DBI, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, DHTML, XML

Additional programming languages: C, C++, Java, Unix shell scripting

System Administration: SGI IRIX, Compaq True64 Unix, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD, Win 95/98/NT/2K, Apache web server

Desktop applications: MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project 98/2000, Visio

Certifications: Interwoven TeamSite System Integrator, Digital Unix System Administrator, Veritas HSM

Administrator, Veritas NetBackup Administrator


Professional Experience


Sunnyvale, California

Senior Consultant                                                                                                        Apr 2002 – Present


·         Responsible for design and development of online economic simulation application targeted at high school to college level classrooms. 

·         Written entirely in Perl 5, this application utilizes CGI methods and a heavy MySQL database interaction through the Perl DBI module.


General Magic, Inc

Sunnyvale, California                                                                                                          Apr 2001 – Aug 2002

Program Manager


·         Manage the Virtual Advisor application development project for General Magic’s client, OnStar.  This is a complex speech recognition/content delivery/telematics system deployed in 58 GM and affiliate vehicle models.

·         Responsible for a greatly improved customer relationship with OnStar through creative networking in the client organization and gaining executive-level support for much needed process changes between the two organizations.

·         Designed and introducing new, standard processes for Change Requests, project deliverable timelines, QA test plans/results, bug tracking and reporting, etc.

·         Responsible for scheduling (using MS Project 2000), prioritizing, requirement gathering, managing on-time delivery of documentation and functionality for 300+ Change Requests, in addition to 6 releases of major application functionality improvements.

·         Responsible for communicating costs to customer as well as negotiating project priorities with customer during the contract based phase of the relationship.  Responsible for ensuring all work assigned to engineers adhered to contract stipulations, recognizing when being asked for something outside of our agreed to contract, and effectively negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement to move forward.


Xerago, LLC

San Diego, California                                                                                                           Jan 2000 – Apr 2001

Project Manager, Senior Internet Applications Engineer


·         Managed the design and implementation of an Interwoven Content Management system at Farmers Insurance Group.  Project was completed on time and on budget for a very satisfied customer!

·         Directed all discussions and negotiations leading to global content management consulting partnership with Zurich Financial Services.

·         Project Manager and Senior Technical Consultant for Interwoven TeamSite Content Management software with several large clients (Honeywell, Channelpoint, AT&T Broadband, Allied Dunbar, Sapient, Zurich Financial Services).

·         Participated in Business Development activities ranging from pre-sales technical discussions to planning long-term sales strategies.

·         Project Manager for multiple projects involving end-to-end custom Java/J2EE application development.  Managed engineering team and all client interface responsibilities.


Qualcomm, Inc.                                                                                                          June 1999 - Dec 1999

San Diego, California

Consultant, Web Developer/Database Programmer (6 month contract position)


·         Developed web interfaces to MySQL databases for the Networking division.  Used Perl/CGI with DBI interface to create custom web tools for network administrators.

·         Java/JDBC application development for statistics gathering utilities

·         Migrated existing, Perl code to new database engines.


General Atomics                                                                                                        April 1998 - June 1999

San Diego, California

UNIX System Administrator/Webmaster/Programmer


·         Served as system administrator/programmer for all Digital UNIX and SGI servers/workstations in the General Atomics Fusion Group (400+ users). Interfaced with fusion physicists to solve technical configuration issues.

·         Developed Perl scripts to automate many system processes and utility functions. Involved in simple kernel configuration for memory enhancement. Provided UNIX system performance tuning, monitoring and TCP/IP network optimization.

·         Served as programmer/webmaster for the General Atomics Fusion Group web site ( Significantly re-engineered web site on Digital UNIX, giving entire web site a new look/feel. Programmed using HTML and JavaScript and used Perl for all backend database access.  Utilized PhotoShop for all web-based graphics content.

·         Served as email system administrator, migrated email system using custom Perl script from a DEC VAX platform to Digital UNIX.

·         Served as Web application developer. Developed group-wide calendar and scheduling application using Perl/CGI, HTML & Javascript.

·         Served as administrator of the Veritas NetBackup & HSM data archiving system.

·         Provided user support for UNIX-based systems, as well as general UNIX and Exodus X emulator for Macintosh support.

·         Installed, configured and maintained UNIX workstations, NCD X terminals, Macintosh and Windows NT/95 PCs. Served as NT/95 and MAC desktop support analyst.

·         Integral in group-wide effort to enhance system security based on DOE requirements.

·         Breakdown of effort included 70% UNIX system administration and 30% programming/web development.



California Space Institute at UcSD                                                                   November 1995 - April 1998

San Diego, California

System Administrator/Technical Support Analyst


·         Served in role as UNIX and MAC lab administrator for integrating multiple technical platforms and technologies.  Interfaced UCSD’s technical environment to the NASA Space Shuttle program. Supported C and Shell programs.

·         Interfaced heavily with research scientists and engineers.

·         Modified NASA voice loop system, integrating CAT-V cabling.

·         Supported all Windows 95/NT desktops running Office 97.

·         Supported AppleTalk LAN on UNIX backend servers.

·         Provided day-to-day Digital UNIX and Solaris system administration/monitoring.                                   

·         Supported secure LAN inside firewall with T-1 link to UNIX LAN, along with external interface to Internet and a MAC EtherTalk-LAN with a UNIX Server using AppleTalk.

·         Performed UNIX system administration with Digital UNIX (Certified), Sun Solaris, SGI, and HP-UX.  (Software, hardware installation & maintenance, performance tuning).

·         Supported Macintosh/PC student lab administration with Mac 0S 7.x/8 and Windows NT/95/3.x.

·         Performed network wiring installation, maintenance and Ethernet hub/router configuration and support.

·         Performed advanced HTML programming including image maps, tables, animation, SSI, frames and forms.

·         Managed multiple special projects, providing innovative solutions to unique problems for this premier research institution.


1993 to 1995 Non-industry Related


U.S. Navy                                                                                                                                   1987 - 1993

Electronic Warfare Maintenance Division Supervisor

Microcomputer Specialist


·         In-depth RF configuration and troubleshooting of Electronic Warfare Detection and Countermeasures suite.

·         Served as manager over a group of ten Electronic Warfare technicians.