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Greg Kluthe
6136 Citracado Circle, Carlsbad, CA 92009
(760) 415-8099


An experienced software development team leader who leverages experience to contribute significantly to the revenue stream using the right technology and innovative solutions (“Doing the right thing right”).

Work experience

2015 - Present

SupplyPro, Inc

San Diego, CA
Senior Software Engineer
Managed a small group of software engineers supporting internal accounting systems.
Wrote email analyzer to process exception reports (.NET Exceptions) using .NET to produce graphical results in Excel showing what parts of the device management portal experienced the most problems.
Made changes to the ASP.NET/MS SQL based device management portal to solve automated scheduling problems, wrote and integrated web service API's, wrote custom reporting, and added interfaces to customer's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems (SAP, Web Service, etc.).
Wrote, documented, and tested software that provides an internal and external API to the next generation of dispensing hardware (multitasking, asynchronous event models).

Designed, led the documentation effort, and consulted on converting the existing management portal. Produced the next generation of the company's flag ship product that integrates:

  • accounting,
  • manufacturing,
  • customer service, and
  • device management portal

using Entity Framework, MVC, jQuery, .NET 4.5, asynchronous interfaces, and Web API's.



San Diego, CA
Senior Software Engineer
Wrote email analyzer to process exception reports (reports of Java Exceptions) using Microsoft API and Perl to produce graphical results in Excel to show what parts of the Web Services were experiencing the most failures. Wrote bug tracking analysis software to categorize bugs by date and severity to prepare for FDA audits.
Made changes to the installed JBoss/SQL Server web and web services software based on the results of the above analysis (doing the right thing right). Wrote regression tests that produced HTML results with associated custom CSS for the Web Services the Quality Department could use to test changes (a feature QA did not have).
Integrated new .NET based devices into existing infrastructure.
2010 - 2013

Benchmark Revenue Management/Avadyne Health

San Diego, CA
Senior Developer/Maintenance Team Co-Lead
Added features to and fixed bugs in a JSP/Apache Tomcat Web Server Application which implements Business Process Workflow Management and Reporting for Hospitals. Rotating On Call Software Support (Development) Engineer (24/7).

Independent Contractor

Carlsbad, CA
Software Engineer
Integrated Google Translate, integrated Google Maps,repaired 3rd party UI tools,enhanced and repaired socket messaging,and produced custom graphs using Microsoft Reporting Services and Stored Procedures in Windows .NET applications,enhanced Java Swing Application.
2006 - 2009

Cisco/Sypixx (Video Surveillance over IP Networks)

Carlsbad, CA
Software Engineer

Wrote the first Software Functional Specifications after Cisco acquired Sypixx.

Led the development team (15 people) for significant amounts of time; led teams of peers adding major system wide features on or ahead of schedule using C, C#, and MySQL on Linux and Windows platforms.; added Point of Sale (Micros and Infogenesis) integration to the video platform to enable additional real time monitoring and query capabilities.

2003 - 2006

Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC)

San Diego, CA
Senior Software Engineer

Supported Business Unit (4,000 employees) developing reusable Web Applications and Visual Studio Components while mentoring the team in Object Oriented Design using Classic ASP, ASP.NET (VB and C#), and Perl/CGI with a SQL Server database and Stored Procedures.

2002 - 2003

Independent Consultant (Biotech and Small Manufacturing)

San Marcos, CACA

Wrote Java text books, upgraded a QAD MFG/PRO ERP system through two major releases, small company UNIX IT Support, reverse engineered Java into UML, automated data deployment, wrote SOAP wrappers, implemented Web Services

2000 - 2001

General Magic/Encore/Xeragogo

San Diego/Sunnyvale, CACA
Wrote winning proposals.

Principal Engineer:  Designed and implemented the first VoiceXML/JSP prototype (ATG Dynamo) leading to the creation of the General Magic magicTalk Enterprise Platform product (BEA WebLogic, JBoss, IBM WebSphere). Received United States Patent 8036897.

Architect: Produced software that connected application servers to content management systems.

Methodology Manager: Designed full software development life cycle process methodology based on Extreme Programming (XP).

Teeam Leader: Led technical teams to produce web software for delivering insurance certificates on line.


B.S. Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Arizona, Tucson, 1985


United States Patent 8036897: Issued May 14, 2001

A voice integration platform and method provide for integration of a voice interface with a data system that includes stored data.

Career Highlights

With years of real software engineering experience, built and maintained many different kinds of applications:

Emphasis on quality, ability to communicate and work well with others, and understanding of the “big picture”, led to positions of leadership throughout my career:::


C#, Java, .NET, C++, Visual Basic (VB), XML

ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript (Server Side [Mozilla Rhino] and Client Side), SOAP Web Services, XSLT

Ada, ANT, Assembly, Basic, FORTRAN, Lotus Script, Perl/CGI, PROGRESS 4GL, UML, XML-RPC,

Unix/Linux, Windows NT,


MySQL, Oracle, Progress, SQL Server, Access, dbXML

J2EE, ATG Dynamo, BEA WebLogic, IIS, JBoss/TomCat, IBM WebSphere, WebCrossing

Other Work Experience

Security Clearance

Held Secret through 1995 when I left the Defense Industryy