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    CRM and Personalization

    Read the article: Personalization: In the Spotlight Again.

    An interesting discussion by ATG's (Nasdaq: ARTG) senior director of product marketing, Victor Cheng. The article was originally by Kimberly Hill at

    Having worked with the ATG Personalization product, Victor Cheng's comments are right on target. What is interesting is that the core functionality to do all the things discussed in the article were there to some extent early on (The scenario server from ATG in 5.0 was an extremely nice graphical model and interface to this functionality).

    You can get similar functionality from the JRules product from ILog, but it's interface isn't quite as refined at ATG's. However, it is more flexible in that it can be placed anywhere the Java language can run while ATG's product is tied to their Nucleus framework which is available on BEA WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere as well as their own application server.

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