What's on the People By Area Page

Greg Kluthe Consulting is Greg Kluthe's consulting company. But, Greg doesn't work alone. He's contacted friends, and business associates with complementary skills to help out when a project needs more labor or different expertise.

To make it easier to see what kinds of things this collection of people can do, they've given Greg their resumes, biographies and web site links. Some of them have "real" jobs (they don't consult full time), and don't want to frighten their employeers. They're the ones that have aliases like Software1 and Business Analyst2.

Since Greg is busy working for clients, writing a training manual and working on this web site's format and content, he didn't have time to edit the resumes and biographies into nice uniform HTML yet. So they're either as the author presented them (when they already had a resume in HTML format), or they're what Microsoft Word produces when you "Save As HTML."

If you want to get in contact with a specific person just call one of the numbers at the top of the page or send us e-mail.

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