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    IBM AS/400 Technology

    Solve problems using a combination of today's technology and tomorrow's. Training from professionals with industry experience is a great solution.

    Training: >Rochester Initiative

    With their focus on the IBM AS/400 i-series, this publisher publishes a soon to be available training manual, Java for RPG Pros written by Greg Kluthe and Richard Shaler (two of this consortium's members).

    In the near future Richard and Greg hope to take this training course on the road to present it on site for various customers.

    Microsoft Technology

    All software needs to run on top of a good infrastructure to be effective. For many small to medium sized companies a Microsoft centric solution is the most cost effective. These partners can provide that infrastructure.

    e-Commerce and e-Learning: >Lynch Interactive

    Provides e-commerce and e-learning programs, information management solutions, custom software development, web design, and hosting.

    IT Infrastructure and Telecom: >Kaiser and Associates

    Provides Networks, Servers, Workstations, Remote Access and Email.

    IT Infrastructure and Training: >Peiser Solutions

    Wireless Networking, Microsoft Office Support and Customization, PC, Server and Network troubleshooting and repair, Network and Server Design, Configuration and Support, Technology and Vendor Research and Recommendations, Project Management, Database and Website Development and Support, Palm and PocketPC Solutions, Web and Email Setup, One-on-One Software Training

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