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    About Us

    We are seasoned professionals with intersecting skills.

    Greg himself has over 23 years of experience in software development.

    Greg Kluthe Consulting focuses on bring value to businesses through extensive knowledge of the software development and support process, and through his many contacts in the Information Technology sector and the Business Sector. We use our combined experience and provide deeper service to our clients.

    To better serve business, Greg Kluthe Consulting brings together this community of professionals and presents them here so you can find the help you need.

    "Implementation, Training, and Mentoring Improving Your Bottom Line."

    Implement, Train, and Mentor

    All of our members have experience working (implementing) in their expertise, have trained others in it and can mentor teams in it. In other words, they can do the work, teach you and your staff how to do the work, or they can teach you and your staff by working with you.

    How We Work

    Although Greg Kluthe's expertise is in software, you have access to a number of independent consultants in a number of diverse fields.

    We are not a recruiting or placement company. We are all independent consultants who refer work to each other.

    Our business model is based on increasing the volume of work for each member. Therefore we welcome recruiting companies and staff augmentation companies to browse through our site.

    Initial contact for members of our group is through Greg Kluthe Consulting, but Greg Kluthe Consulting does not mark up the rates of individual members. You contract directly with the member.

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